my ordinary life 


I take pictures that root people deeper into themselves, their neighborhoods, their marriages, their selves.


My name is Leanna.  I live in South Seattle, I love summer more than any other season and I'm obsessed with how beautiful humans are; especially when they don't feel beautiful at all.

How did I come to be this way? To believe that we are good-enough as we are?  

Good enough without coordinated outfits and tight smiles and tummies sucked in?  

Well........A few years ago I started a family. A family that surprised me — it was nothing like I thought it would be. We went to a photographer and they took beautifully posed pictures of us, but I didn't recognize myself in them.  Motherhood was so different from how i had been told it would be.  I felt like I couldn't see myself.  Have you ever felt that?  I i turned my lens towards myself and my baby to try to understand us better.  I was interested in the truth about us, not the beautifully polished story we tell strangers, but how we really love each other, how we cry and hug and fight and make up and take care of each other even when it's messy.  So I started photographing — us in the bath, us having water balloon fights in our yard, us having a meltdown — the real us.  I took my camera to the playground and on camping trips.  I took my camera in the car, to the doctor’s office and to Costco.  I loved the pictures that came out. 

I recognized myself!

I felt happy when I looked at the pictures.  They were us.  They were beautiful. I noticed that my beliefs about myself were changing.  I was starting to actual believe in my bones that that being an ordinary human is beautiful — that the ordinary is extraordinary

Soon my friends started asking me to take these pictures of them:  the ones where they were sweaty and tired, but beaming at their new house; the ones where they were learning to love their new body after a baby or after a weight loss. I've had the honor and privilege of being invited to share the real moments of my friends lives, so they and their families remember what life was really like in those moments. 

Now I'm offering the same to you. 


And just so we're all on equal footing here, these are some pictures of my ordinary life: 

This is my family doing our favorite activity - cuddling

And this is me today: 

This is me when I was three: 

vintage girl patriotic photograph
black and white portrait glasses woman

I'm the Queen of Sefies — because I take pictures of everyone else and nobody takes pictures of me. 

I live in Seattle and love it, but hate the rain. Before that, I lived all over the world. 

(That's me on the right in Seoul and my friend on the left)

I capture real moments, real emotion, real people. 


Invite me into your house, into your work, into your celebration and I swear that i will prove to you that we are more beautiful in our pajamas than in matching outfits. 



What are you waiting for?

Say hello so I can take great photos of your ordinary life. We're gonna have so much fun.