Jackson (the wild thing) Turns One

Good morning friends and internet strangers,

Join me today as we travel to a gorgeous farm on the outskirts of Seattle where a tiny wild thing recently turned one years old.  Now Jackson's mom knows that beautiful moments are captured through being together and knowing each other, not through magic and so she booked me for 5 hours rather than the minimum of 3.  When you see the pictures you will know why this extra time, this extra sinking into ourselves makes a difference.

When I sent Jackson's mama her photographs she sent me back these beautiful words about the process of having Leanna Bre Photography capture her families very special day.

She said: "Seeing these pictures really makes me look at my family so differently.  It takes me out of the day to day feelings I get.  Sometimes this parenting thing feels stressful, lonely, or sometimes like I'm not enough or that I don't play enough or laugh enough but in these pictures I feel like I am enough and that my boys think and feel like I'm enough.  I guess i should've said that you're portraits make me look at myself differently.  When I look at these pictures I see myself with my kids and I do not doubt myself.  And I look at my boys and my husband and I see how happy we all are. You know...I really see it."