A short film set in Discovery Park

I am lucky enough to call Ashley Roby, an accomplished filmmaker, editor and choreographer extaordinaire - a dear dear dear friend.  She recently visited Seattle and invited me to photograph her and her the crew while they filmed a short film in Discovery Park.  Of course I JUMPED AT THE CHANCE and of course it was the biggest rain and wind storm of the year.  Of course there was a dog and a four year old on set.  Of course!

I love how these photographs show the passion on this creative crew's faces.  I love the motion and feeling of urgency and beauty that comes through so clearly.  Ashley's partner Ryan De Franco is the super talented Director of Photography at .  The two lady dancers here Talitha and Ashley Marie who are both super fantastic and do a million different things like dance and counseling and yoga.

Anyways.  I love sharing these with you.  I hope that collaborations with local artists will become a big part of my work.  I am devoted to the idea and practice of not being alone making things but to be with others who are also makers.  To track the joys and the sorrows of trying to PUT SOMETHING anything out into the world.  Call me you flower designers and dancers and builders and painters and etchers and cross stichers.  Call me you filmmakers and space holders and dreamers. Let us do this together.