Dumplings with the Woo Women

Have you ever been to Din Tai Fung?  It's an experience! An hour before the restaurant opens there's a line winding around front door, past windows full of experts hand crafting dumplings.  The anticipation mounts.  We all jiggle with anticipation, knowing we are encountering something special. 

The Woo family has been eating dumplings together for as long as they remember.  When Sassia asked me to help capture her and her sister together she was a little surprised when I asked what ordinary thing I could tag along for. 

"Shouldn't we do something special or nice?" Sassia asked.

"Nope."  I answered.  I want your ordinary.  And you will want pictures of your ordinary life.  Of your rhythms and traditions.  I promise. 

As a photographer, I want your traditions and your well worn paths.  i want you to do the things you are comfortable doing and the things that when you do them you feel happy and safe and at home.

Sassia couldn't believe that I would get beautiful pictures by this process. I could see her thinking "Wont they look ordinary or drab?"

"They will look like magic." I promised her.

After dumplings we went back to Sassia's house and played and watched tv with friends.  It was the most beautiful and most ordinary day in the world.  And I was deeply privileged to capture it.