Pacific Northwest Artist and Maker - Ava Swift

I'm in awe of the makers.

The creators.

The dreamers and imaginers and thinkers and doers and planners and be-ers.  Those who have a vision that no one else has.  Those who sweat and work and try and try again.  Those who hold themselves a littler differently.

Its hard to be an artist under capitalism.  Hard? Maybe impossible I don't know.  Harder to be a lady artist with so little of the art work dedicated to art made by women.  So little of that art bought or sold or hung on museum walls.  I'm honored to share with you the start of a sierras I've been working on that will feature Pacific Northwest female artists.  I want to help a little bit against the isolation that surrounds makers, each in their own studios, working with their own hands.  I want to bring our ideas together.  Put the faces next to each other, if no where else that at least in this place called the internet.

woman portrait Seattle binoculars photograph dreadlocks

My dear friend Ava makes beautiful precious encaustics with her hands and her brushes and her heart and I was honored to be invited to witness the process and dedication in her gorgeous cottage on the side of the sound in Seattle.   

And stay tuned - Ava and I are collaborating on a show next month as a part of THIS fancy event so you'll get to see much more of us together! Come out for a fun afternoon of thinking and seeing in the historic Belltown neighborhood of Seattle.  See you there!

Encaustic means “to burn in” and is an ancient art form where beeswax, pigments, and heat are used in combination to produce layers of wax upon a surface. Ava's work mixes wax, resin, pigments, oil pastels, and ink on wood. The results are beautiful etherial inner landscapes projected outward.