Ordinary Times - a lenten meditation - A show hanging at One Life Community Church

Last month I hung my show entitled The Hidden Goodness of Ordinary Times up in the sanctuary of OneLife Community Church in Seattle. I'm so pleased to be decorating this holy place with my art and my view of the world.

For those of you in town, please drop by and visit the work if churches are a safe place for you. It's a lovely community there. 
I've included the text of my blurb and a couple of shots from the show below in case you are too far to visit. The show will be up through the fall as I continue to document the life and rhythms of this community with my lens.


LeannaBre is a Seattle photographer passionate about documenting the ordinary life of humans big and small. She is available for events, portraits of individuals, couples and families and all good wacky ideas. To mark the Lenten Season of Ordinary Time, Leanna is honored to decorate this sacred space with images that portray the deep pleasure of the everyday.
Sometimes the pleasure of everyday (of errands and showers and buses and work) can be hard to find. Many of us spend our ordinary time dreaming of the pleasure of extraordinary times. We love big parties and magnificent sunsets and fabulous vacations and memorable Christmases. We prefer sparkle and pizzazz to laundry and bills and feeding the cat. That’s OK. We all need special times and once in a lifetime memories. But we also live most of our lives in the routine and it is important to celebrate and lean into these regular times.  
How can we manage the reality of ordinary life against our shiny memories and the glitzy world of social media and tv?
Much of the time our children are dirty, our houses are unkempt and our lives lack the polish that we wish they always reflected. We fall into the trap of believing that this ordinariness is shameful, that the truth about us should be hidden from the world.  
Leanna believes nothing could be further from the truth. She believes that ordinary times are rich with a special beauty that can be found nowhere else. The rhythms of bedtime and tv, chicken breasts for dinner and chores and email are one of the best showcases for the beauty of life and the gorgeousness of the human spirit. Be inspired to find a little more beauty in your ordinary life today.