The Art of Resilience - a show at The Seattle School of Theology and Psychology's Symposia

I was honored to be invited to be a part of The Seattle School of Theology and Psychology's annual Symposia of Alumni thinkers and artists this year in a show titled The Art of Resilience (co-created with the tallented Encaustic Artist Ava Swift).  It's a young event but it's growing and finding its sea legs and I was thrilled to return to the third floor gallery (where I showed 4 years ago when I was just a baby).

It's THIS SATURDAY and you can read more about the event and also buy your tickets HERE and I read today that tickets will be available at the door so show up ready to hang and learn!

When the idea for the show was first presented to me, I thought of this portrait immediately.  


It's of my son.  

A couple months ago he woke up one morning with a scratch on his face and sickened in a couple of hours alarmingly.  I was home alone with him, delirium with exhaustion myself and working hard with his wonderful medical naturopathic team to figure out when it got serious enough to ...well take seriously.  I grew up largely without doctors and so I'm more comfortable with at home medicine that most Americans and I was comfortable but worried and overwhelmed throughout the day.  

When we decided it was serious, I packed us up for the ER and I grabbed my camera and clicked the shutter twice before throwing it in my bag.  Later, when he was home and painfree and we were all cuddled up on the couch I looked at my files with delight and awe.  

This is that moment.

It's preserved forever.  

It's me and him.  It's truth and fiction.  It's perfect and so very imperfect.  

shadow vine fence pnw

I love it passionately and then I built a show around it.  

I urge you to go see it in person because the Seattle School is in a old wooden luggage factory next to the sculpture garden and the Edgewood and also because photographs are best in person.  Big and on a wall - the grain and the light right in your face.  But if you're out of town or homebound - Ive included the text and the photos below so you can enjoy it even a little bit on your small screen.  


Here's my bio from the show. Scroll down to see some of the images that I plan to hang tomorrow.  whoooo hooooo


LeannaBre is a Seattle photographer passionate about documenting the ordinary life of humans big and small. She is available for events, portraits of individuals, couples and families and all good wacky ideas. These photographs are from her archives, a meditation on the topic of Resilience. 

We often hope that we won't have to be resilient.  We pray that nothing bad will ever be done to us or done by us.  We pray we won't need to make healing our friend.  And yet again and again, we fall short of our mark -  our children are dirty, our bodies are sick, our houses are unkempt and our lives lack the polish that we wish they reflected. We fall into the trap of believing that the cycle of broken and glued back together is shameful, that the truth about us should be hidden from the world.  

Leanna believes nothing could be further from the truth. She believes that the cracks within us that we fill with clay and straw and sticky tack are rich with a special beauty that can be found nowhere else. The rhythms of sweetness followed by bitterness and then healed by cuddling and soup and long cries are one of the best showcases for the beauty of life and the gorgeousness of the human spirit. Be inspired to find a little more beauty in your resilient, ordinary self today.