A year ago I left my 9-5 job and now I thrive.

A year ago I left my job.  A year ago I left my all consuming, totally 24-7 job that I loved.  I worried how I would feel once I was gone.  I felt like I was saving the world at this job.  I felt like I was doing something important.  So what if I wasn't sleeping well or I was struggling to think coherently? I thought, that's ok - because my work is so important. 

taken with the front camera on an iPhone 4 - maybe in 2014? I don't know.  I was TIRED.  

taken with the front camera on an iPhone 4 - maybe in 2014? I don't know.  I was TIRED.  

And then I quit.  I just did it.  I felt sad and sad and sad and then... well then I felt free.

A year ago I quit my job and said to myself "Leanna I wonder what you want your photography to grow into?  Lets give it some space and see what happens.  See what blooms...see what comes up. In case you are curious if I am crazy, the answer is maybe yes because this is how I make all my decisions.  I very carefully go and sit at the metaphorical crossroads. I pack nuts and seeds and fruit and water.  I sit and wait.  Soon I notice that my heart is pulling towards one direction.  Sometimes I have looked in that direction and found a path or a road, but sometimes I have looked and there has been only a forest, a impenetrable way that no one I know has walked before. Either way, I try to follow my heart.  This method of decision making has led me everywhere good and even though it has also led to a fair bit of flailing around, I try to trust what I want.  

I try to trust that my daydreams speak the truth.  

family photojournalism Seattle

SO I vowed that I would follow my heart and follow my camera and then I have spent the last year trying things.  I launched a business, I launched a second one.  I took up yoga again, I began to cake an endless sieges of cakes.  I learned I hate to vacuum and I love dishes.  I started to notice what of these many things I was trying were working and which ones were falling flat.  

One beautiful thing I noticed in the midst of the madness of managing two small businesses (and a household) is that I have also gotten to spend a lot of time with my tiny human.  He is five and I am here to testify that FIVE  is the best age yall.  He's so cute and cuddly and nice and adorable and smart and funny and PERFECT.  He sleeps like a dream and puts his own clothes away in his drawers and sets the table and is polite and I have been taking so many pictures of our family and of him in order to memorialize this time.  

father son photography Seattle family

So look through the pictures below of him and his friend's living their best life on the porch and in a tent in the backyard and at the playground and envision your family, doing your ordinary wonderful things with my camera pointed at you in the warmest, kindest way possible.  

I have families tell me a lot that they want to book me but they don't know when is the right time.  

THIS is the right time folks.  


Look at your calendar.  Pick a day that is a teeny bit relaxed.  Let people wear what they are comfortable in and eat what feels delicious to them and do what they like.  Let me come and capture it.  Remember this time.  Not the perfect time, not the future time, THIS TIME.  It is good.  It is good-enough.