How you can help

This is a special blog post just for YOU.  Yes you!  

How do I know that the YOU reading this is the YOU I've written it for you ask?  Because literally no one else is reading this blog except people who love me.  

I'm gonna intersperse this post with some recent autumn nature prints cos words words words are boring.

I'm gonna intersperse this post with some recent autumn nature prints cos words words words are boring.

This blog post is for my mother in law who likes every single pictures of mine I put on Facebook (hey Gail!) and my best friend from college who writes me little supportive messages and the family I donated a photoshoot too last week and everyone who follows me on social media.  

This post is because I have made it through my first year! Tada! What's next? Many more years I guess..... It's impossible to know for sure what the future brings, but I want to talk directly to you who know me and love me because you are the ones that have made all of this possible.  

You tell me over and over again how proud you are of me.  You tell me to keep going. You tell me that you see my good work, my hard work and you are praying for my success.  Sometimes you ask me "Hey LeannaBre, your photography is so cool!  How can I help your business?"

(Which is just about the nicest question anyone could ever ask)

Let me just say a big thank you to anyone who has said it to me in the last year.  You are so nice and that is the best.  It would be lame if the only way to support me was to buy a photoshoot.  There have got to be other ways! So I've been working up a good answer and I have some ideas.  Leave a comment below if you've thought of something that I have missed!!!!

 Here are some ways:

Can you believe this is my back yard?    The Pacific Northwest is a very pretty place.

Can you believe this is my back yard?  

The Pacific Northwest is a very pretty place.

  • You can talk about me in person to your friends or online - on Facebook or your social media network. You KNOW the people who will be my next customers.  You already know them!  They go to your crossfire or they own your local cafe or they are your neighbors.  But they don't know me.  Not yet.  But they will because you will tell them about me.  


  • You can use a photo I've taken as your profile or cover photo and credit me in it.  If you love me, please please please don't use my pictures uncredited.  I know it seems like a small thing and I get it - but by linking to my work and my name people who like that awesome picture I took of you and gave to you FOR FREE will go down the rabbit hole of the internet and find me and hire me.  


  • If I've ever taken a single picture of you, you can go to my Facebook page HERE and you can rate my business.  Member when I took that picture of your kid at school or that candid of you while we were at green lake?  That means you have experienced ME and MY business.  Stars and reviews help!

Thanks for reading this far.  Thanks for caring about me and my art.  We humans don't live in community anymore.  We live mostly alone, mostly in tiny pods and it can be hard to connect outside of my pod.  You connect me to the outside world.

Maybe you already know my next client.  They might be your cubical mate or your bosses daughter or the people next to you in church or your sister in law. They may be looking for family photos or wedding photos or adoption photos or family reunion photos or headshots.  They are looking for senior photos or prom photos or quincenera photos or day in the life photos of photos of their new pet.  

bobs corn maze leannabre photography Seattle farm

Or maybe YOU are my next client, or next collaborator or co-creator.  Maybe you have an idea or an experience or something emerging in your life that you are starting to imagine could be captured by my warm, kind lens.  Maybe you never knew that these kind of pictures could be taken, that these parts of our lives could be honored and maybe you are starting to believe that part of your life is worthy.

Two years ago I photographed a friend's family on a warm summer afternoon of central California.  The pictures are gorgeous; they were her Christmas card that year and they are still a part of my portfolio.  And yet, when we started planning the shoot we are going to do next summer off the coast of Oregon, we both excitedly exclaimed about how different, how much more this shoot will have in it.  I have grown better at articulating what my eyes see and what my fingers are itching to make.  And I'm better at helping her, and all my clients articulate their vision and work with me to make it possible.  

Whew! I've gone and on and one. All of this to say - thanks for helping me find my people.  Thanks for being on this journey with me.  Thanks!